The Most Selfish Zodiac Signs

The Most Selfish Zodiac Signs
Written by Karen Clark

Sometimes, we are all selfish, but some people exaggerate.  This is especially common when it comes to love relationships. There are people who, while caring for their own well-being, disregard the other side. There are some zodiac signs that astrology characterized as more selfish than others. Here are the most selfish zodiac signs. But, be careful, you can’t blame the stars for all your faults!


Geminis are not selfish in a literal sense of the word.  They tend to be narcissistic, but there is often a thin line between narcissism and egoism. Gemini is well known for having multiple personalities.

One of these personalities can be the kindest and the most loving person ever, but then, out of nowhere, a selfish Gemini appears. Geminis like to be the center of attention and become selfish when they see they are losing the spotlight.

They enjoy in impressing others around them and that is their primary concern. They tend to adapt to the environment around them out of their selfish reasons and disregard their partner in the process.


Lions are self- centered and that characteristic often leads to selfishness. Their vanity is everything to them and therefore, they ten do be bossy. Sometimes, they act as kings and queens and don’t agree with partners that also want attention.

They have the uncontrollable urge to be on the top, no matter what is in question and can be selfish on the way. But, astrology considers lions to be selfish just on the surface. In fact, deep down, they are a generous zodiac sign.


Taurus is considered to be one of the most selfish zodiac signs. They enjoy having a lot of money and possessions. But, they are rarely concerned about other people’s emotions in the process of getting that money.

They are focused on their goals and nothing can stop them to achieve them. They are highly possessive and protective about their belongings. And they hate sharing money, food, clothes or anything else, and that makes them extremely selfish.

the most selfish zodiac signs