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Love Is Not Just Saying ‘I Love You’, Love Is Much More

love is much more
Written by Peggysue

Love Is Much More


Love is something special for every human being. And all of us love differently. Although love is beautiful by itself, we sometimes need to work harder and sacrifice more.

Love is not just saying ‘I love you‘, love is much more. When you love, you need to love by being there for your partner. You love when you are with your partner in good and bad.

Love is when you understand all imperfections and flaws of your person. You love when you are responsible for someone. Love is more than words.
You love when in your heart is only one person, and when he or she is your only option. Not anyone else. Because you can’t imagine anybody else besides you except them.
Love is when they tear down your walls, and you tear down theirs too. And you love when you are ready to do everything just for them because you know that your partner is worth of risk.
Also, love is when you won’t risk losing your soulmate because of fears, ego or your pride.
We need to know that love is not perfect, but most of the time is very close to perfection.
You know you love when you don’t think about anything else but kissing, hugging and spending time with your better half.
You love even when you have fights with your partner, and no matter what you still care, both of you.
Love is when you change and become a better person just because of your partner.
When you are ready to spend rest of the life with one person is love, when you are ready to settle down.
Love is when you are making an effort for them, being there for them when they need you.
And love is when you fall for them every day, day by day.  When you can’t imagine anyone else with you, just them.
Truly love means putting your relationship and your partner in the first place.

Love is just perfectly imperfect. And if you have someone to love, you are happy. You have someone for good and bad times, for happiness and sadness. You have someone for eternity.

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