Toxic people are all around us. Those are the people that are always full of negative energy. It seems that they literally carry poison in themselves and enjoy sharing it with all around them. Toxic people are perceived as exhausting, draining and non-supportive. They have a pessimistic view on everything in life and everything is negative for them. It does mean that these persons are bad people, but they often unintentionally harm themselves and others emotionally. They are tiring and are not a healthy influence.

The Internet is full of texts on how to recognize and move toxic people out of your life. You can find pieces of advice about signs on how to recognize a toxic person in your surroundings, how to get rid of a toxic boyfriend, friend, or even a family member. But, what about the situation in which you are the toxic one?

It is always hard to admit that we are the “bad guys”, that we are the bad influence on someone and that we are the ones who spread negative energy. But, you should be sincere with yourself and admit that maybe sometimes you are the toxic one.

No matter what you did in life or what your intentions were, you have to admit that at some point, you were the toxic person for someone. Of course, you are never cruel, manipulative or emotionally abusive on purpose. But, people may perceive in that way. Some things and your attitude may seem irrelevant to you, but just a “wrong” look, word or a tone can be devastating to someone. Instead of playing the victim, it would be a good idea to reconsider your attitude towards yourself and people around you. You should always remember we are all different. If something is a joke for you, it may hurt another person. There are things you would never find offensive but can ruin someone’s day. Be careful and try looking the world through someone else’s eyes. You will definitely become a better person.

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