Whatever we want, we have to fight for it

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Nothing comes easy to us, at least not where it counts. If we want something, we have to fight for it. Whether we have small goals or big ones, putting in the time and effort to reach the places we want to be is vital. So what do you need or want fight for? Maybe you’re unsure just yet, but that’s okay! Take a look at our list, pick a heading and figure out if you want to fight for it.

Career and Money: Why fight for it?

Everyone has the dream of living in a huge house; a house with all the modern necessities you could possibly need. Not to mention plenty of cash lying around for going on holiday and buying all the latest fashions and trends in everything from clothes to electronics.

But since most of us aren’t likely to win the lottery any time soon, we have to put time and energy into our careers. Money isn’t always the main goal of a career, though. It’s about being ambitious, and if we want to reach the top of the career ladder, we have to fight for it.

Take the necessary steps each day to make progress, and you’ll not only gain financial stability, but a more satisfying job experience.

Love and Friendship: Why fight for it?

We all want to be loved in one way or another. Love is often complicated, and we have to make the effort to fight for it. When romantic relationships are involved, we must put work into each date and event to strengthen the bond. We must also remember never to take our partner for granted, or give up on a relationship before it’s due.

When it comes to family, we must remember to keep in contact, even if we’ve moved far away or have little time for seeing them. Family are the people who raised you, and they deserve to be fought for, and have time put aside for them. Friends are the same – they’re the people who’ve supported you through thick and thin, through good decisions and the bad.

Cherish the people in your life to make sure you never lose the people who have shaped you as a human being.

Happiness: Why fight for it?

Happiness isn’t always easy to come by, though it often comes from gaining the things mentioned in the other headings.

But when our mental health is concerned, it’s often linked to happiness. We must strive to keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies. That doesn’t mean we can’t have hard times, or ask for support. It’s about taking the necessary steps to make sure we’re always as well as we can be at any given time.

Never put mental health second to other goals – being happy and healthy is the main end goal in any situation.

Peace and Equality: Why fight for it?

There’s so much hate and discrimination in the world, that sometimes we have to take a step back and look at what we’re doing to one another. Unfortunately, equality is not a given, and we must fight for it.

For the women who have been oppressed by the opposite gender, and the people of color who struggle each day to be considered an equal, and those with disabilities who conquer every ablest, we must fight.

We must fight for the members of the LGBT community who are kicked to the dirt, and every other person who is discriminated against in order to achieve the optimum of world peace.

Planet Earth: Why fight for it?

Our Earth gives us life, and we give it death. We feed it chemicals and pollution until it can’t breathe.

If we want to fight for our planet, we should cut back on our consumerism, keep our streets clean, and opt for cleaner energy options. It’s easier said than done, but as a group effort, we can achieve a healthier Earth.

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