5 Signs Your Friend is Really Your Best Friend

Best Friend
Written by Selma

Through life, you meet a great number of people. You call many of them your friends during different life stages. But, when you reach a certain age, you realize that most of these people were just passers through our lives and that we only have a couple of people we can truly rely on. This person or people will be there for you through everything and know your deepest secrets, but never judges you. Here are five signs that your friend is really your best friend.

  1. You are comfortable with each other

The first sign of a true friendship is being comfortable with each other. You are long past the “nice phase” when you are afraid you will insult each other. You also pass the phase when you feel embarrassed about anything. You don’t feel ashamed to reveal even the darkest secrets to this person. You saw each other in the worst possible states.


  1. People start to think you are a couple

You spend too much time together and are so close that numerous people asked you if you were a couple. At this point, you probably spend more time with your best friend than with your family or boyfriend. And this is the person you will call first, no matter what happens.


  1. Your family is their family

You have probably been friends for so long that your family treats them as if she’s part of it. And vice versa. This person can come to your house uninvited and is a member of every family gathering or trip.


  1. You are sincere to each other

No matter how harsh the truth is, this is the person you will hear it from. If your new hair color doesn’t suit you, this person will not hesitate to tell you. The same is with your boyfriends. If he is not the right one for you, she will tell you straight. Sometimes you hate her and think she is being too mean, but sooner or later, you come to the realization that she was always right. And everything she ever told you was for your own good!


  1. Your friend stands up for you

Your best friend will never allow anybody talk bad about you in front of her. Of course, you have your flaws, but she will tell you about them when you are alone. Even if you are wrong, she will stand up for you in front of everyone else, no matter what.

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