Stop expecting to bother someone with your affections

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There’s a lot of modern culture based around the idea that you’re getting in someone’s way. For example, the idea that you can’t double or triple text someone is telling us that we’re being irritating, or that no one wants to hear what you have to say. Well, enough is enough! It’s time to stop feeling guilty for wanting to be a part of someone’s life. You’re not going to bother someone by taking up their time.

Think of it this way. How many people are in your life? You may have a wider circle of hundreds of people – you connect with new ones every day. You know people from school, your neighbors, your teachers, the people that work at your local store…not to mention all of your friends and family! But think about how many of those people really matter to you.

The ones you speak to every day, and have done for years. Those are surely the ones you want to impress. So why is it so common now to become obsessed with what everyone thinks of you?

It’s a complicated subject. We have such a wide stretch now on social media. Every time we post something, potentially hundreds of people are viewing your content.

We can’t post a photo now without wondering who will see it and whether they’ll like it. It’s things like this that can give us anxiety, and keep us thinking we’re going to bother someone with our day to day content online.

It means that now, we’re so conscious about we do, that our anxiety seeps into our ordinary social lives. Are we annoying someone each time we put an update on Snapchat? Are we bothering them when we text them too much, or reply too fast? The chances are, no! We’re not!

There’s a reason people stay in our lives. There’s no obligation to remain friends with someone, or continue seeing them. If someone is irritated by you constantly, they wouldn’t want to be a part of your life. If the said person makes an effort with you and is interested in your life, then why would you ever bother them by calling up for a quick chat?

Why would it bother them when you text several times in a row? Why would they message back if you were irritating them constantly. It makes no sense!

We get it in our heads that we’re a burden to others, and it’s completely not true. Even when anxiety gets the best of us, it’s important that we all stop expecting to bother someone with our affections.

We all matter as people, and we’re all important to someone out there. As long as you’re surrounded by people who are good and kind, you’ll never be a problem to them.

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