The difference between being an Alpha and a Beta woman, which one are you?

an Alpha and a Beta woman
Written by Cinnamon

Not many years ago men were dominating the world. The situation is changing and feminism has gone global. Women are no longer expected to clean, cook, and shop for groceries and nothing else except that. Statistics say that women have already surpassed men in education, and we witness the new milestones regarding women almost every day.

Being an Alpha means to be the person in control of their actions and to have the dominant role in social and professional situations. A few decades ago, you could be an Alpha but only if you were a man. Luckily, that has changed.  Today women from all over the world are doing amazing things without any help of men. They are self-conscious and dominant, kind but determined.

They will always listen to you and maybe even take your advice, but they will never let you tell them what they can or cannot do. You can forget about that. Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present to you the Alpha woman. Alpha women are not only dominant in their business life. They are dominant in every aspect of their lives. Also, they are aware of who they are and they will not change for anyone. Alphas have a lot of respect for everyone but they also expect to be treated the same way.

On the other hand, completely opposite of that, we have the Beta women.

They don’t necessarily have to be any less self-conscious or determined, but they simply do things differently. However, the Beta women are usually not as confident and headstrong as the Alpha ones. They are much quieter and often even scared of an Alpha woman. On first glance, a Beta may seem as the perfect traditional stay-in-the-kitchen type of woman. As I said, only on the first glance. They simply like to think things through before taking a certain action. They are also good listeners but they are simply not created to be leaders and they don’t even want to be that. That is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong in enjoying taking care of your family and friends. We need women like that too.

If you thought this was it, you are wrong. There is one more type – the so-called Hybrid woman. This represents a combination of Alpha and Beta and taking the best from both extremes. It is very important to understand that being an Alpha or a Beta or a Hybrid has nothing to do with the abilities of a woman. It just helps us understand how she handles things. Most of the women are in this group because, in my opinion, every woman has some Alpha in her no matter what she is. For example, if Alphas are determined and know exactly what they want and if Betas do things calmly, a Hybrid would then know exactly she wants but in order to avoid confrontations, she will take it easy and do things in a subtle way.

After reading this, do you consider yourself more of an Alpha or a Beta?

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