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How Likely Are Zodiac Signs To Break Your Heart?

Semsa B.
Written by Semsa B.

Each heartbreak is difficult but we heal somehow. And after we open up our heart for someone new, but there are possibilities that we will suffer again. And you should consult your horoscope on advice how likely are zodiac signs to break your heart.

Each zodiac sign has different characteristics and here, we are going to talk in a general sense. Certain zodiac signs will break your heart. It’s just something in their personalities.

Here is how likely are zodiac signs to break your heart:


They will do anything instead of breaking someone’s heart. They feel terrible if they hurt someone. It hurts them so much knowing they’ve destroyed someone that they loved. Cancers will think about what they did for a long time and sometimes they don’t get in a relationship for a long time because of that. They try to stay friends with their exes because they would feel terrible if they hated them. Cancer men have no problem showing their emotions, and seeing them in such anguish will wreck your heart.


They don’t want to hurt others but sometimes it is independent of them. It’s usually a reaction to them being hurt. Libras make contacts too quickly and when their relationships get too far serious, they decide they need to get out. They prefer ghosting because they are afraid of face-to-face conflicts. Breaking up with someone makes them feel bad and guilty. That’s why they will disappear very slowly and silently, to make it as less painful as possible for you. Libras don’t have the guts to tell you anything in person.


Virgos are very critical and when it comes to breaking up they will bring up every little thing you did wrong in the relationship. Their careers will always be a priority and if they see you as an obstacle in achieving their dreams, no matter how much they love you, they will break your heart. They make sure to lower your self-esteem and your confidence to zero. You come out as a better person after you finish with Virgos. Because being with a Virgo, you survived everything.


Their words will hurt you more than their actions. They are passionate and intense people, but also very angry ones. You shouldn’t get into a fight with them because their hurtful words are what will break your heart. Scorpios know your weaknesses and they will make sure to use them against you.


Capricorns can be inflexible and aren’t big on compromise when applied to their personal life. They will kiss you and sleep with you, and then one day, they will tell you they are not ready for a relationship. They are not hard-hearted, they are just terrified of being hurt themselves. They will be sorry for misleading you and will basically, friend zone you.


They fall in love fast and fall out of love even faster. When they are done with you they don’t linger over their actions they will dump you and move on. They will make you wonder what you did wrong and why they disappear so fast. What hurts the most is the feeling that they never cared about you.


They are lovely and kind, but also can get cold and cruel. They will break your heart because they love themselves more than they love you. Taurus believe that they are the most important persons in the whole world. They will turn on you when you expect less because of their own selfish reasons.


They can’t stay single for long and will break up with you when they lose interest in you. They will move on quickly with the intention to make you feel insignificant. Leos are very flirtatious and they will make anything to make you crush. You shouldn’t let them crush you. Don’t wonder and overthink everything of your relationship with a Leo because you didn’t do anything wrong and it isn’t your fault.


When they are into you, Pisces are sweet and kind, but when they are not, a who other side comes out. They will hurt you in the worst possible way and after that they will play the victim, making you feel bad. You’ll be a sobbing mess wondering if it was your fault and they will be cold and unfeeling. You will be in pain and constantly feel the guilt. Pisces will make your heartbreak the worst you will ever have.


With Geminis you will never know where you stand. At the time they are showering you with love but the next moment they completely forgotten you. They will break your heart slowly and painfully. It will hurt like hell when you break up. Geminis are charming and smart but also deadly when it comes to your heart.


They are cold and unemotional. They commit to you, but it doesn’t last for long. They will get bored and want to move on. They don’t have the courage to break up with you to your face and will make you do all the work yourself. Sometime they cheat or just ignore you. But it will be very painful for you whatever they do.


They are the best at prioritizing themselves. They are self-centeres and will never show you empathy or interest in your point of view. Saggitarius don’t stick around for too long. After they break up with you they won’t be able to understand why you’re experiencing so much pain.

How Likely Are zodiac signs to break your heart