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How to bring back lost love in a relationship

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Sometimes, a broken relationship can feel like the end. You don’t know how to fix it anymore, and you’re not even sure there are feelings still there. However, if you want to try once more to rekindle the heat, here’s how to bring back lost love in a relationship that is seemingly doomed.

  1. Go back to where it all started

Get nostalgic with your partner and revisit your first dates. Go to the first restaurant you went to together, watch the movies you saw at the cinema as a pair, and relive your first kiss. Bringing back good old memories will remind you of why you’re together in the first place, and may be the key to how to bring back lost love in a relationship.

  1. Look to the future

This can be very difficult when you’re not sure the pair of you even have a future together. However, making plans of things you’ll do together gives you the opportunity for a future. Plan holidays or day trips and weekend breaks in the city. Whatever it takes to give you some more time together to heal, do it.

  1. Smooth over any bumps in your emotional road

If there’s a problem of any kind, you need to talk about it. This isn’t always the case – sometimes it can just feel like the love has disappeared. However, it’s important to consider that it might be something fixable. Encourage your partner to think about any issues they have as well, then both get them out of your system. Try not to hold on to these issues after you’ve spoken about them. A good partner will be encouraged to change. If they don’t, it’s a red light suggesting they’re not worth the effort anyway.

  1. Find something to share a love for

There’s a reason so many couples try for a child to fix their relationship. A shared love for something can really bring you back together. However, it doesn’t have to be anything as dramatic as having a child together. Find a hobby you can both participate in together, or even get a pet together! It’s another thing to talk about amongst yourselves, and sets you up for private jokes and fun times with one another.

  1. Identify which relationships are problematic for you and your partner

Sometimes, a friendship in the mix can cause rifts with you and your partner. Perhaps they have a problematic best friend, or a friend at work who is just a little too flirty. Their relationships with you and your partner can cause tensions, and if necessary, there should be action taken to prevent them getting between you and your partner.

  1. How to bring back lost love in a relationship – keep trying until the very end

Not all relationships will work out. It’s a sad reality, and it doesn’t stop it from hurting when something once so strong comes to an end. However, sometimes it’s important to know when to let go. Don’t be afraid to end something that isn’t working out for you. The chances are, if you’re not feeling it, your partner isn’t either. That’s not to say you should give up at the first sign of trouble, though. If you’re still determined to salvage what’s left, then keep trying until the end. You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t try. At least that way, if it does eventually end, you know you did all you could to salvage it.

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