Researchers say that an average person falls in love seven times in their lifetime before meeting their soulmate. Although you keep hearing the stories from people who just knew they met the one, the second they saw her, you feel like you will never know or be sure. You are definitely in love with her, feel butterflies, your sex life is great and you like spending time with her… But how do you know this time is different? How do you know this is how a true love should look like? Here are sings you are dating a girl you should marry.


  1. Not just physical appearance

You are used to looking women around you through their physical appearance and that was your most important criteria so far.  Of course, physical attraction is of crucial importance in every romantic relationship, and let’s face it, that was that attracted you in the first place. But, as time passes by, you feel more and more in love her qualities and in her as a person. Her physical appearance is not the first thing you see anymore.


  1. You enjoy spending time with her

It seems she never bores you. Even sitting with her in silence feels right. On the other hand, your communication is great. You are capable of having deep, meaningful conversations and also talk about everyday nonsense. You really feel she understands you.


  1. She is always there for you

This girl supports you and has your back in every possible scenario. No matter what you do, she will stand by your side. But, she is honest to you and will tell you when you are wrong only in your face. She will always defend you in front of everyone else.

  1. She makes an effort

Relationships take time and effort, they don’t just last by themselves. Your girlfriend makes an effort in making you happy and in making your relationship work. When you are in a bad mood, she tries to find out what is wrong and when you two have an argument, she makes an effort to resolve it.


  1. Other women don’t seem so interesting anymore

Maybe you had a chance to cheat her. But, it just didn’t feel right. You are aware that this woman is special and that the two of you have a special bond. You just know, deep in your heart, that she is irreplaceable and the one for you.