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15 Signs She Wants To Cheat On You

Signs she wants to cheat on you
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It’s an awful feeling when someone lets you down time and time again. It’s even worse when your partner acts like everything is normal, but they’re keeping secrets from you. If there are signs she wants to cheat on you, it may be time to reconsider your relationship. There is no solid way to tell for sure if someone is cheating on you, but some behaviours are often exhibited because of guilt for doing something wrong. Here are some common signs she wants to cheat on you.

She spends less time with you

If you’ve gone from spending a lot of time together to not much at all, it’s possible she has other commitments – to another man. Unless you know for sure she’s out with her friends, or that she’s working late, it can be easy to gather that she’s having an affair. If this is the case, it may be time to do some investigation, but without being intrusive. Doubt is a tricky thing and can destroy a relationship, so make sure you have a reason to feel neglected before you make accusations.

She doesn’t tell you where she’s going

She heads out on her own all the time, without getting someone to pick her up from the house. She doesn’t say where she’s going, or, more importantly, who with. Deliberately evading these questions is a sign of guilt, and means she doesn’t want to disclose what she’s up to. However, secrecy in a relationship is never good. Even if her intentions are innocent, it’s time to bring up her secretive manner and have it resolved.

She’s stopped making any effort

It’s like she doesn’t even care anymore. No matter how much you try to get her involved, she acts aloof and bored of your relationship. She never flirts with you, or initiates sex, or even cuddles you in bed. She’s often moody with you and sits as far away from you as possible. She always acts as though you’ve done something wrong when you’re just trying to be the perfect gentleman. If she’s acting like this, she may have a guilty conscience. While it’s possible she’s just bored of the relationship and she hasn’t cheated, she’s more likely to do so if she can’t find an escape from the situation. If she seems to have lost interest, it might be an opportunity to find someone worth your time.

She’s not won the approval of your friends

If your friends don’t like your partner, then there’s definitely something not right. Anyone you like should get along great with your pals, but if they haven’t warmed to her, there’s probably a good reason. You view your partner through rose tinted glasses because you love her, but your friends are on the outside looking in. They see her dodgy behaviour, catch wind of rumours about her and see underlying signs that go unnoticed by you. If your friends aren’t fans, it might be because they’re suspicious that she’s cheating on you. This might present a perfect opportunity for you to quiz the people closest to you on their opinions.

She only hangs out with boys

While it’s common sense that a guy and a girl can just be friends, girls who solely hang out with men are more likely to cheat. With so much testosterone in the room with her, there’s bound to be a guy she finds attractive within the group. What’s worse is that the group she calls to hang out with have nothing to do with you. If the guys never made an effort with you, and your girlfriend never encouraged you to be a part of the group, what does that tell you? It says you’re not wanted there for one reason or another.

She drinks a lot when out with the guys

A sad fact of life is that people are a lot looser when they’ve had a few drinks. Silly things happen when girls go out and get very drunk, and sometimes, it leads to consensual, but drunken cheating. This is a tricky one, because girls are usually the ones who think things through thoroughly, but when they’re drunk, they say and do things they don’t mean. Why do you think they end up texting their exes and regretting it the next day? While drunkenness doesn’t excuse cheating, if there’s a one off where she kisses a guy, you might feel more inclined to let it slide for the sake of your relationship.

She’s cheated before

While the reputation that precedes someone is not always true, a girl who has been known to sleep around while in a relationship may do it again. It’s different if she was badly treated in her former relationship, or if she fell in love again. However, if she slept with other men just for the thrill, there’s every chance she’ll do it again. The thing is, if the cost of doing it doesn’t outweigh the benefits, then she will be aware that it is worth her while. It’s a selfish act all about gain, so it might be best to steer away from a girl who has already betrayed someone’s trust.

She’s a gossip

Again, this comes back to trust. If a girl is trusted with a secret and she goes around blabbing it to everyone who breathes near her, then it’s obvious that she can’t be trusted. In relation to cheating, she’s good at covering her tracks, making sure people don’t know the trouble came from her direction. That will mean if she’s thinking about cheating, she will know she’s more likely to get away with it. Watch out for these girls, they can be snakes in the grass.

She is overly nice to you

This is a tricky one, because of course your girlfriend should be nice to you. It’s one of the least obvious signs she wants to cheat on you, because it feels so good. However, guilt can often push people to try and make up for their mistakes with good behaviour. If it seems out of character, it probably is. Make sure to spot any irregularity in your relationship and question it, if only for your peace of mind. Pay attention to changes in her behaviour, and bring her up on it if you need to.

She has trust issues

When a girl has been broken by something in the past, her guard is way up. However, her attitude might change in a way that she deems to be safeguarding her from heartbreak. She might things are going almost ‘too well’ in your relationship, and she can get paranoid and upset over signs that aren’t there. She might then be more inclined to cheat because she’s adopted the idea of ‘hurt them before they hurt me.’ It’s dangerous thinking, but all it requires is some love and support to help her see sense.

She’s suspicious of you

If you’re not giving your woman enough love, you might find that she grows distant, and is suspicious of your intentions. The simple explanation for this is that these things work both ways. If you’re acting differently, she probably will too. Make sure to keep her close – if you don’t give her enough attention, she’s going to want to seek it elsewhere. It’s all about treasuring what you have before it’s too late to fix.

She’s sexually inexperienced

When someone has only ever had one sexual partner, or only a few, it can sometimes become apparent to them that they have missed out on some things. If they’re sexually curious, it can be an incentive to cheat. They may want to explore their sexuality, or just see how it feels with someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about you, but when they have needs that aren’t tended to, they are likely to be more likely to stray. This is normal in many relationships, and the key is to make sure you’re both getting what you want. Have a conversation about sex. Many people are too shy to do this, but if one of the signs she wants to cheat with you is related to sex, a simple conversation can help resolve the issue. Tell her what you like and ask her what she wants. It’ll help you back on the path to normality.

She’s having a fitness binge

When you first got with your partner, she probably took a lot more interest in her appearance. When people get comfortable with their partner, they just don’t feel the need to be so meticulous. However, if your woman has gone on a new fitness binge, it could be a sign she’s considering cheating. She may be changing her lifestyle to impress someone new, and you know that it feels like when you first started dating. She might also be more inclined to doll herself up more. If  you’re used to seeing her without makeup and then suddenly, she’s got fake tan and fake eyelashes on, you might want to question who she is trying to impress.

She posts more on Facebook

Social media is often an indication of someone cheating. When you’re in a new relationship, you often post a lot of pictures together online, and you can remember when she put up new content every day. After the honeymoon phase, this tends to lag a little, which is normal. However, a sign she could be cheating or dating someone new behind your back is if she now posts more on Facebook. If she’s posting selfies, she could be trying to attract someone else’s attention. Of course, she could just be having a boost of self-confidence, but you may want to talk about her social media habits if she’s using it to communicate with other guys.

She claims that you’re clingy

If it becomes obvious she needs some space, she might go to another man to get away from you. It sounds terrible, but if you crowd her too much, she might be more likely to look for an escape in someone else. She should still give you the time of day, but you know if she just shrugs you off, she’s looking for something new, and could be considering cheating. Find the right balance between being caring and giving her breathing space to make it work, but if a woman is cheating, she may still refuse to get close and talk to you.

We can all be get distracted by something new and shiny from time to time. To make something work, you first need to understand the signs your partner is offering up, but if you give day after day of your time to someone who isn’t giving anything back, it’s time to search for someone new. If your girlfriend is displaying multiple signs of wanting to cheat on you, then she’s not worth your time anyway. Respect yourself and be with someone who cherishes you and doesn’t stray from you for someone else.

If you’re in a situation where somebody is in a relationship that you’re aware of, and they try to cheat with you, think twice before going ahead. No matter how much you like the girl, she’s supposedly committed to someone else, and you don’t want to get in the middle of that. If she goes on to cheat with somebody else, that’s her problem. But put yourself in the guy’s shoes. If you let her in to your bed, that man is going to end up getting hurt. Even if you don’t know him, you can imagine what he might go through in the event of a break up or cheating scandal. Be sensitive, because one day, it might happen to you, and you’d want to be treated with the same respect. Though it doesn’t always work out that way, you can be happy in the knowledge that you’re the better man.

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