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Find Someone With Whom You Are Going To Be Yourself

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Written by Peggysue

All of us want a perfect relationship. By perfect, I don’t mean where is everything like in fairy tales. By perfect I mean kind of relationship where you can be yourself. A relationship where you don’t have to pretend that you are somebody else. A relationship where your partner loves you just the way you are.

I was in the relationships that were all but perfect. One of the boyfriends hated my hair color, and he wanted me to change it. Other one hated my sense of humor. And every single one wanted me to be something else, something different. They didn’t like me the way I am.

But I never lost hope. I believed that one day I will find a man who will be ready to love all my flaws, and who will never ask me to change. I still believe.

We all need a person with whom we can be ‘we’, without pretending. We need someone with who will be comfortable to do some unpleasant things, like farting.

Definitely, we need a partner who will be totally ok if we fart in front of them. They can fart in front of us too.

If we can laugh, cry, and sleep next to them, why not be able to fart while are we in their company.

It’s the natural thing. We are a human being, and it’s totally normal and natural thing.

I believe that couples who fart in front of each other are more likely to have a long relationship. Comfort is the one really important thing. If we are comfortable with each other, we can do everything else.

Soo, go out and find someone with who you are going to be yourself.

Find a person who will not ask you to change, and who will love you just the way you are. Someone who will be totally ok when it’s about farting in front of each other. They exist, and you will find your better half, I know it.

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