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20 Signs That Your Girl Is A Keeper

your girl is a keeper
Written by Peggysue

Your Girl Is A Keeper

Each one of us desires a perfect partner and a perfect relationship. All we want is to find everything we wish for in the one person. Maybe you already find your better half. Maybe she is your soulmate. Don’t worry, there are several signs that she is a keeper.


1. She’s supportive

2. She’s not unreasonable

3. She gets along well with your family

4. She’s honest

5. She does not control your schedule

6. You trust her

7. She’s kind and has a nurturing nature

8. She doesn’t look for attention

9. She is confident in her body

10. You share a lot of the same interests

11. You have chemistry

12. She isn’t clingy or overly-attached to you

13. She tells you what she wants

14. She teaches you things

15. She buys awesome birthday gifts

16. She gives you the space you need

17. She can hold a conversation

18. She’s independent

19. She’s open to compromises 

20. She improves your life


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