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Wherever I Go, I See You, And It Kills Me

Wherever I Go
Written by Peggysue

Wherever I go, I see you.

I see you when I wake up. I see you when I go to sleep.

And I can’t get away from it. You are the part of me and will always be.

I would like to know why did you go away, maybe it will make my desire for you go down. Everything I did, and I do is still for you.
You are my reason for everything.
I wonder if you ever think of me. Do you regret your leaving? Do you think what it would be if you didn’t go away?

Because I do. Everyday.

You are in each of my words I write here. In every cell of my body, there is something yours.

I couldn’t imagine a day without you. But look at us now. Each of us is gone in a different way. Not because I wanted to, but because you did. And I will never know why. We were doing pretty well, and suddenly, everything I thought was worth something, is gone away.

Every day, I ask myself where did I go wrong. What made you go away and be with someone else?

And even I can’t find any of my faults, I can’t blame you. I can’t blame someone I loved and still love.

If you just gave me a reason for your leaving, it would be easier for me. But like this, I will never know.

I believed in us, in our love, and our future. I thought I would spend my life with you. And I was so wrong. I was never this wrong in my entire life. I put all my hope in you. And you let me down.

I would never forgive you for leaving me without any words.

Be happy somewhere else.

Far away from me.

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