Love should be something special, love should change us to be a better person. But love isn’t always something beautiful, and something that lasts forever as we hope. There are also toxic relationships, relationships that take our soul, and broke our heart.

It’s really hard when we get into a toxic relationship and we don’t know how to get out. Because we love our partner very much, but we also know that kind of relationship has no future. What we don’t know that actually in that relationship we usually fall out of love with yourself.

We chose them, to love them, but unfortunately, we don’t know that choosing them would mean we would stop choosing ourselves.

Usually, our friends and family warn us about those people. Because everybody except us sees who are they actually. But we don’t listen before we know what’s happening it happens all at once. We crash into them fully, and then there’s no back. We are as hypnotized, and no matter what, we want to relate to working out. Because we love them with every fiber of our being.

We are convincing ourselves that they love us, and they fall for us too. And actually they can’t fake touches, and kisses that make your heart melt, and that intense eye contact. Or maybe they can? Maybe we are blindly in love that we can’t see clearly. Who knows…

The worst thing is that some part of us know they are using us. But we don’t want to stop. We suppress those feelings because we don’t want to believe in them. We want to believe that they love us like we love them. Which is insane, but that’s us. Unfortunately, we got used to it.

They break us a little more each day, stab wound to the heart.

They are abusing us in every possible way, and sometimes we want to leave them, but we can’t. Love is too strong, we love them too much. We choose to destroy ourselves just to be with them.

We don’t deserve anything of that. No one deserves to be manipulated by anyone. No one deserves the lies.

The whole life we feel beautiful confident and so good about yourself. And those toxic people completely shatter it in a second.

We need to stop all that games and all that amusing. That is not a life. It’s a nightmare.

No one should have that power over us, no one.

Somewhere there is someone who deserves us, who will love us, love us in the right way.

And we will find that person, we will choose them to love them. And we are not going to suffer, not anymore.