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My Heart Was Broken More Times Than I Can Count

Written by Peggysue

It is common for us to have three loves in our lives. It’s like a rule. We have a first love, the sad one, and the real one. And the last one needs to last forever. Lie!

In my life, it’s like this, the first one, the sad one, sad again, and again, and again. True love seems unimaginable to me. Sometimes I ask myself is something wrong with me?

Do I deserve love?

Or Gods plan for me is to be alone and miserable till the end of time.

Actually, we don’t need a partner to be a complete person, or to be happy. But I’m tired of healing my heart again and again, and I’m tired of wrong guys. It’s just too much.

Actually, I’m not afraid of falling in love again. I’m not. I want to love and to be loved. All I want is to find a true love. But I’m afraid of pain, I could not handle another letdown. That would destroy me definitely.

My heart was broken more times than I can count by now, I have the right to be scared. And I’m not just scared of a broken heart. Also, I’m scared of the lies, and all that games. I’m scared of pain, and tears. And I’m scared of another betrayal.

After all that pain, I hardly found myself. And I’m not sure is it worth to risk everything. Do I need to risk? Or just to wait and see what is going to happen? I don’t know because my heart was broken too many times.

But I hope that one day I will find someone who is worth of risk. Someone who deserves my heart. This my countless time’s broken heart.

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