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Don’t Waste Your Time On Men Who Don’t Deserve It

Written by Chloe M.

We all know that dating is all a game. But it isn’t a fun one. Women are likely to date men who don’t deserve their time or effort. A lot of don’t want to play the game but we have to. Despite all our effort and energy, it turns out to be a giant waste of time. But my advice to you is: don’t waste your time on men who don’t deserve it.


    When our relationships don’t work out, we can be fulfilled by them for having had interesting experiences and learning things about yourself and other people. You found out what do you want from a relationship.

    We should value that experience, but learn how to not get stuck with a man who doesn’t deserve your time and love.

    A lot of single guys are assholes.

    You probably don’t want to waste your time with an asshole, right?

    That’s the reason why on most Friday nights, I play Uno with my friends instead of out in some bar with a man who still lives with his parents. I choose to spend my time with my friends over some man who isn’t interested in anything beyond the bedroom.

    I had my time of chasing boys who I was in love with at the time. But they turned out to be losers or dicks. And now, I hate them all for wasting my time. But I hope they changed. And found a girl who made them happy.

    Those romances were fun at the time. But now they are just predictable. And I’m no longer interested.

    Dating can be full of disappointments and exhausting.

    But maybe you are still curious about all things casual and I encourage you to safely try it. You should figure out what you want.

    You shouldn’t be completely closed off to the possibility of a relationship. And you don’t have to make it your main focus either.

    You should live your life and be open to guys, but you should date with the mindset that your time is valuable. You shouldn’t waste your time on men who don’t deserve it.

    Someone who is not in it for the right reasons will step aside and leave you with real and romantic options.

    don't Waste Your Time On Men Who Don’t Deserve It

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