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5 Signs You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

Not Over Your Ex
Written by Karen Clark

Breakups can often be more painful and tough for one side than the other. After the initial grieving process, there are times when you think you are over your ex, then you hear a sad song or see something that reminds you of him and you are at step one all over again. It is hard to know when you are really ready to move on. Here are 5 signs you are still not over your ex.



    1. All the sad songs make sense

    Whenever you hear a love song that talks about happy lovers, you remember how happy the two of you have been together. Whenever you hear a breakup or a heartbreaking song, you remember how he broke your heart and you feel it breaking again.

    1. You think of him when you drink

    Although you may not think of your ex every moment of every day, like you used to, whenever you have little more to drink, he is the first thing that comes to your mind. And not just that, you get the urge to call him or text him when you are drunk.


    1. You stalk him on social media

    The first thing you do when you open your social media is to see your ex-boyfriend’s last activity. You check what he posted, who he followed, who he liked and when he was last online. If you can’t help yourself, delete and block him on all social networks.


    1. You can’t get rid of his stuff

    We don’t say you should throw all off your ex-boyfriend’s stuff out of the window the second you break up, but maybe it’s time for you to give him back the clothes he left in your apartment. Put away everything that reminds you of him. Don’t make your room a temple for him and your relationship.


    1. You are not open to anyone new

    It is perfectly ok if you don’t feel ready for a new relationship just yet. But, if you don’t even notice hot guys around you, you are definitely not over your ex. Or you are hoping of getting back together with him and don’t want to ruin those imaginary chances? Even if you force yourself in chatting with another guy, you compare everyone with your ex.  And no matter what, your ex-seems better in your head.

    5 Signs You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

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