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You Need That Harsh But Honest Friend in Your Life

Harsh Honest Friend
Written by Karen Clark

If some asked us what characteristics we are looking for in a friend, the number one answer would be honesty. But let’s face it, not many people can deal with the truth and often mistake it with harshness. People like to be around others who flatter and compliment them because it is good for their ego. But, those people are not your honest and loyal friends. They often don’t want to deal with your problems and it is easier for them just to agree with your point of view.


    But, we all have that one friend who has been with us through thick and thin. This is usually the only person that tells us the truth and tell us the way things truly are. When we hear the harsh truth, we consider that friend mean and cruel. But, after the initial anger, we soon come to the conclusion that this friend is the one who probably loves us the most and without doubt, wants what is best for us.

    Healthy friendship cannot grow without honesty that can sound mean and harsh sometimes. When you grow to realize that true love stands behinds this harshness, you will understand that this is a person you can trust in any situation. She will always call the things by their name and will always be there to sober you.

    There were numerous situations in our lives when we were blinded by something or someone. This is when we need that mean best friend that will help us see clearly. Remember how many times you hated your friend for telling you that some guy you really liked wasn’t good for you? Sometimes, you even though she was jealous. But, she turned to be right every time. She is the one who will tell you if that dress doesn’t fit you or if you had too much to drink. And that is what real friends are for.

    You Need That Harsh But Honest Friend in Your Life

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