You Are Not A Second Option

There is nothing wrong with you if you are kind and thoughtful. It’s not a problem if you have a soft and tender hurt. The problem is in those who do not see your beauty, those who do not see your goodness. You don’t have to change yourself because you always feel like a second option. Sometimes you are tired, I understand. But screw all those people who are taking you for granted.

You have a great personality, and you deserve better treatment than what you are getting now. Every day you need to remind yourself that you are not an option. You need to remind yourself that you don’t deserve to go through torment and torture. Those people who are treating you in that way, are not welcome in your life. Show them a door, they need to leave. Because you are a person that have lots of things to offer to the world. And those who don’t see them, then say goodbye to them.

Stop caring too much about the feelings and opinions of the people around you. Start caring about yourself. Put yourself in the first place. Their feelings are no more important than yours. Remember that.

If you are feeling bad or you have felt like a junk because of them, just screw it. You are a good person, you are kind. Don’t let them destroy your self-confidence. Treat them the same way they treat you. Who are they to keep hurting you on a daily basis? Who are they? If they are treating you like that, and if they keep hurting you, they are nothing. Yes, they are nothing.

Don’t sacrifice your own happiness just to make others happy.

They are using you because they see how much you don’t give a damn about your own life. They see how you are weak, and they see that your self-worth does not exist. And they know that you would let them do whatever they want.

You need to start loving yourself, and not look at yourself as a second option. When you stop being the second option for yourself, they will stop treating you in that way.

Start living your life again, live a better life. Love yourself, and others will love you. I promise.