In long-term relationships, there are times when we feel distanced from our partner. You cannot expect to always fell the same passion as in the beginning and that does not necessarily must mean that all of the love is gone. But, when you start perceiving your partner more as a good friend and a family member, maybe it is time to admit that you are not in love with him anymore.


  1. You don’t enjoy intimacy as you did before

It is perfectly reasonable not to want to be intimate with your partner all the time, and this especially happens after years of relationship. Felling less desire for sex can be just a phase. But, if you don’t have any desire even to touch or kiss your partner, that may be alarming. Being intimate with him just doesn’t feel right for you, because your love is dying.

  1. Communication

You don’t feel the need to share everything with your partner like before. You used to talk about your hobbies, shared your secrets with him and couldn’t wait to come from work to tell him about your day. But, that feeling is long gone. If communication becomes less frequent and you start avoiding conversations with him without even realizing it that is a sign that something is definitely not right.

  1. He is annoying you

All the little things you found cute about him and made you fall in love with him, now start to annoy you. You have zero tolerance and understanding for his faults that didn’t bother you before. You start to see him differently and start to notice of all his imperfections.


  1. You are losing interest in spending time with him

Whether you admit it or not, you feel bored when you are alone with your partner. A night spent at home with your partner used to be just enough for you. But, now, you don’t feel entertained by him even on the concert of your favorite band. You feel more amused and comfortable to share your time and activities with your friends, or even enjoy being alone. Everything seems more interesting than him.

  1. Other men seem attractive

When you were in love with your partner, you could be in a room full of top models, but he was still the only one you would look at. All of the sudden, he is not the most handsome man alive for you. When you start to look at other men in a not so harmless way and enjoy their looks on you, maybe your relationship does not fulfill you anymore as you would like it to.