Learn To Listen

Written by Chloe M.

Learn to listen.

I am pretty sure that every single one of us was in the situation where everything you needed was a good conversation with a friend. You needed someone to, at least temporary, take that burden off of your shoulders.

That person agrees to meet you for a coffee but as soon as you start to talk, he/she is picking up their phone and starting to scroll while your soul is out there bleeding. I admit it, I was that person few times, scrolling and listening but not really hearing what my friend wants to say.

That’s why I think we have to learn how to listen. I believe that a proper conversation takes time and effort because you either have to help or at least make the other person feel better. Sometimes you’ll be the person who needs help and therefore learning to talk and express yourself is also important.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a situation where someone necessarily needs help, but everyone wants to be understood. Listen, understand and answer. That second phase – understanding – is where it gets hard for us to actually hear what other person is trying to say. If you would just look at two people having a conversation nowadays, you would notice that there is no silence during the conversation.

Silence is a very important part of a conversation because that is when another side understands what you’re saying. The conversation looks like a competition in which both sides are trying to look smarter but not really be smart.

Take a moment my friend, shut up for a moment. Listen to your friend, understand what he is saying and let it sink in. Think about it. And then – answer. Answer and help your friend. Take the burden off of his shoulders for a moment. Make your friend feel better. You will feel better too. Learn to listen.

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