Five Tips for Cheap Traveling

cheap traveling
Written by Selma

Travelling is usually one of the best and most memorable experience we could ever have. Nobody can stay immune to getting to know other people, their culture, history, and architecture. But, the number one reason that holds people back from traveling is money. Or, to be precise, the lack of it. Many think that one must be rich in order to be able to afford traveling, but that is a common misconception. Here are some tips for cheap traveling.

  1. Work and travel

While you are young, there are numerous job opportunities through which you can travel the globe. Some of the most interesting jobs are flight attending, working on cruising ships, seasonal working on ski- resorts, or working on yachts or tour-guiding. These are all jobs that mostly don’t require any similar experience or some advanced degrees. These may not be your dream jobs, but you will be able to see the world.

2. Travel when it’s the cheapest

If work and travel option is just not for you, be aware of the act that flights prices are not always the same. The price depends on the time you are traveling and also on the time you are booking your ticket. There are numerous websites and applications that allow you to compare the price tickets to your destination. If you pay attention, you will often find a great first minute or last minute offers. Also, consider flying with a stop-over, if the ticket will be cheaper that way.

3. Travel off-season

If you travel somewhere in the hike of the season, everything is more expensive, from hotel rooms to restaurant prices. Try traveling off-season and you will surely get a huge discount and a better bargain for everything on your trip.

4. Backpacking and Camping

If you are adventurous and have enough time, backpacking is always an interesting idea. In this case, be sure not to pack too much stuff. Backpacking usually comes hand in hand with camping. You can easily find comfortable campsites. This option is best when you are backpacking or camping with a group.

5. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a community which connects travelers around the world. Through this service, you can find accommodation for free by staying with locals. Couchsurfing can be an unforgettable adventure if you are careful enough.

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