We all had moments in our lives when our mothers annoyed and bothered us. That feeling is mostly present during our teen years, and in this time of your life, you often perceive your mother as your worst enemy. But, as we grow older, we learn that our mother was almost always right and that she is our gift from God. There are thousands of reasons why your mother is the best friend you will ever have and here are some:


  • She carried you for 9 months

This fact alone is reason enough to cherish your mother forever. Your mother is a person who cared for you and loved you since the moment you were conceived. For nine months, she suffered back pain, had morning sickness, went through hormone changes and many other physical and psychological changes.


  • She is the reason you are who you are

She taught you literally everything you know. You would not be the person you are today if it wasn’t for your mother. Always remember you owe her a lot!


  • She is there for you 24/7

It is never too late to call your mother, even if it is to talk to her about some nonsense. She will never be too busy to talk to you and nothing else will be more important to her.


  • She will always believe in you and never give up on you

No matter what you try to do in your life, your mother will always be your biggest support. She is the one who always pushes you to keep going, even if you give up on yourself.


  • She feels what is going on in your life without you having to tell her anything

Your mother has an instinct for you. Even if you don’t want to tell her what is happening with you and why you are sad or frustrated, your mother will know, even if you are miles apart. Remember all the times when you wondered how she knew you tried to hide something from her? She just knows.


  • She genuinely cares about your health

The most important thing for your mother is that you are healthy and properly fed. Even if you are on the other side of the globe, when your mother calls you, the first thing she will ask you is if you had eaten.


  • She loves you unconditionally

No matter what you do, your mother will love you and be there for you. Even if you don’t treat her as you should sometimes, she will still be your caretaker. Her love is not affected by your personality, physical appearance or even your love towards her. Your mother will always forgive you everything. And, most importantly, she will stand up for you and defend you no matter what. No one else’s love is guaranteed forever. You may sometimes hear your friends telling you they would take a bullet for you. But, your mother is the only person who actually would give her life for you. But, be careful not to use this love and take it for granted.