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Why Cheating is Always a Bad Idea

Cheating is always A Bad Idea
Written by Karen Clark

During dating years, we were all at least once in a position to cheat on our partner. Cheating is one of the easiest things you can do, but is it the wisest? Here is the list of reasons to prove you why cheating is always a bad idea.



    • Leaving is always a better option

    It is usual for people to change and grow. It is not uncommon to lose emotions towards your partner in that process. And that it is ok. But, you should be fair towards them and towards yourself and explain the situation. It is never a good option to cheat because you miss some things in your relationship. The best thing would be to try and work on your current relationship and talk with your partners about the things you are felling (or no longer felling). If you see that nothing can be done and your relationship cannot be improved, just walk away with dignity.


    • Cheating is a choice

    There is no excuse for cheating. Most cheaters try to justify their cheating by saying they were too drunk, seduced by the other person or angry at their partner at the moment. But, those are all lies we tell to ourselves and to our partners. If you choose not to cheat, you will not cheat under any circumstances.


    • „Everyone cheats“ is not an excuse

    Today, it seems that almost everyone cheats. Cheating became so common that we can see it all around us. But, that is never an excuse. You are an individual who makes his or her own decisions and has to deal with the consequences. If you have a negative view on relationships in general, try focusing on the happy couples around you.


    • Cheating destroys everything

    Before you cheat, think whether you are ready to lose everything you have built with your current partner for one or few nights of meaningless physical pleasure. Remember that after cheating nothing can stay the same in your relationship.


    • Immature

    Cheating is immature. You should be committed to the person you are with and fulfill those promises of faithfulness you made. If you cheat, you only show you are not capable of dedicating yourself to one person and not capable of keeping your word. You are driven by passions and nothing else.


    • Trust

    Not only will your partner lose his or her trust in you-you will lose your trust in everyone. We all see the world around us through ourselves. If you are capable of cheating, you will get an impression that everyone is and you will lose your trust to the opposite sex.

    • Karma

    What goes around comes around. If you cheat, the same thing will probably happen to you in the future. Even if it doesn’t, you will live in constant fear that it will.

    • Guilt

    After the initial passion, guilt will probably follow. You will become aware that you betrayed the person who loved you and trusted you and no person can stay immune to that feeling. This is when you will realize cheating was not worth it.

    Why cheating is Always a Bad Idea

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