I’m pretty sure I will never love someone as hard as I loved you. Because what we had was something special. But I believe that all real love stories are sad. And our was real. We were real. But the world had other plans for you and me.
I saw you a couple days ago, and you are still the most beautiful person in the whole world. When I saw you, for a moment, I couldn’ breath. Something was happening in my heart because it beat really hard like it wanted to get out. Also, a million butterflies were in my stomach. I missed that feeling. Actually, I missed you, I still miss.
You still have gorgeous eyes, and I could feel your smell through all people that were between us. And I could hear your heartbeat, I could feel you.
To be honest, I’m not sure that I will be able to see you and to not feel nothing. You were my world. My first love and my first everything. With you I became woman, and I’m sure that no one will ever have me that way.
Our love story was something beautiful. Our memories will never fade. They will be a part of me for the rest of my life. No one is going to take them. They are deep inside my mind, and my heart. Because what we had. that kind of love is never going to happen, never again.
If you ever feel that you need me, to talk, to spend some time with me, or to stay forever. Call me. I will be there for you. Because I promised to you, that I will be yours, forever and ever. I meaned it, I still mean. I still care of you, I’m still yours. You still have me, and I will be yours forever.