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Things You Should Never Do for a Man

Written by Selma

When entering a new relationship and start growing emotions, many people try to do everything in their power to please their partner. But, it is of extreme importance not to exaggerate during this process and lose yourself on the way.

Change your beliefs

No matter how much you love your partner, you may never allow him to change who you are. Although compromise is important in every relationship, you should be strong enough not to allow for your partner to change your beliefs and general attitude toward important things in life. Many women tend to lose themselves completely in the relationship and become just an alter-ego of their partners.

Change your appearance

If you like your body weight, hair colour or the way you dress, don’t ever let your partner lower your self-esteem by telling you that you should change something about yourself. It is normal that every woman wants to be physically appealing to the man she is with, but that does not mean you should, let’s say, starve yourself if he wants to date a skinny girl. You must be confident in your body and make him understand that.

Forget your friends and family

Never forget the people who were by your side through thick and thin. Those are the people who will be there for you if this relationship ends and were there for you before it started. Your partner does not have to like or love your friends or family, but never allow him to distance you from them. In the initial stages of love, all of us would like to spend most of our free time with our new boyfriend. But, you can always find couple of hours a week for your closest ones.

Let him control you

Some of the first warning signs of an abusive relationship is a partner who likes to be in control of everything you do. An independent woman will never allow her partner to take charge of every aspect of her life and will always keep a certain amount of privacy. That is important for your psychological health.

Put his needs before your own

Your partner may be the one you love, but you have to love yourself first. You should not disregard all of your needs and desires, just to please the man you are with. But, be careful, this does not mean you should be selfish and not think about him. Just make a balance.

Get married and have children

Although having your own family is one of the most beautiful things in life, it is ok if you are not ready for that step or even don’t plan on getting married or having kids. But, you have to be sincere about this with your partner. The worst thing you could do is to get married or have kids just because he wants you to. By doing so, you will make yourself and everyone around you unhappy.

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