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If I Stay Stuck With You, I’m Never Going To Find The One

emotionally abusive relationship
Written by Peggysue
You are always on my mind. No matter how hard I try to stop thinking about you. Maybe it’s because you always had the right words to say, or maybe because I am always laughing when I’m with you. There is something in you that I can’t leave behind. So I gave you all I have, while you just keep me like a backup plan.
I know, I deserve better, and I should just let you go, but I can’t help myself. I just continue to fight and wait for you.
Other boys are trying to reach me, to reach my attention. They see how caring and sweet I’m. I can see what’s happening, but I don’t want to admit it to myself. To be honest, I’m trying, I’m trying to convince myself that one of them is maybe ‘the one’. But that’s all in vain. I’m just waiting for you.
You haven’t introduced me to your friends, or family. The hard truth that it’s because you don’t see me in your future. You don’t see me as the on, and I know, you are never going to love me or care for me the same way I do for you.
As hard as it might be, I have to, I need to stop. There is nothing else I can do except to end this up. You know you have me, I’m your safe port, and you might never leave me, so I have to. This need to be ended. If I stay stuck with you, I’m never going to find the one. I won’t be open to the possibility of another guy that will put me in the first place.
It’s not going to be easy, but I have no other solution, I have to make my heart available for the one who will treat me right.
Someone is waiting for me, and he will take care of me, and he will love me. So, goodbye, I have to go. We can’t do this anymore. And I deserve someone better than you.

The one is waiting for me.

You will miss me, you will miss all of me, I promise.

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