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Signs You Are a Born Leader

Written by Selma

We all possess certain qualities and characteristics we are born with or have acquired through life. Some of this qualities can help us in our relationships with other people. While there are many people who don’t like to stand out from the crowd and like to stay in the back, there are others who are predesigned to lead. If you have some, or all, of the following characteristics, you are definitely a born leader.

You are not afraid to say what you think or feel

You are not afraid of admitting your emotions or opinions to yourself nor to others. This means you don’t depend on other people’s opinions and you don’t try to blend with the mass. You will say what you think loud and clear, even if that opinion is not popular or you don’t agree with the majority. But, be careful not to impose your beliefs and attitudes to the people around you.

You are a fighter

It is not that you will just say what you think, you are ready to stand up for your beliefs. You don’t change your opinion easy and will fight with arguments to the very end. You are smart enough to choose your battles and calculate the risks in advance, which gives you a big advantage from the very start. When you fight for what you think is right, you are concise and always stick to the point. You are also a fighter when it comes to your loved ones. You never leave them behind and will always defend them in front of everyone.

You are not afraid to take a chance

You are self- confident and you know what risks are worthy of your time and effort. You don’t always play it safe, because you believe in yourself and are well-aware of your possibilities and would never put yourself in a situation where you could lose control.

You know how to handle defeat

You are aware that you are only a human and that losing is a part of life. You handle defeat with dignity, just as everything else in life. And what is most important, you value your opponent and his arguments and try to teach something from him or her, although the two of you may not agree.

People often ask for your advice

You had numerous situations in your life where people, even not so close to you, told you their secrets and asked you for some advice. This is because you possess a special kind of charisma and energy that people around you feel and consequently feel the need to tell you their problems. Although you may not be aware of that, everyone around you sees you were born to lead.

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