You love her. I know. Because if you don’t love her, you wouldn’t be with her. But all of us love in a different way, and please, be careful, don’t love her in the wrong way. A healthy relationship is only what matters. But if you keep treating her wrong, your healthy relationship can become toxic. I hope you will choose the right way to love her.

I want you to remember how she looked when you met her for the first time. She was everything you ever wanted. In her, you found something, something that you never found in others. Maybe it was her beauty, her sense of humor, or her independence.

Love her please in that way.

Love her beauty, humor, and her independence. Don’t try to change her, love her just the way she is.

She is the master of her destiny, but you need to know that you have a big role in it. Don’t screw it. You can make her day, but also you can ruin her day. Be careful with her, don’t broke her. All her life is in your hands.

If you love her, don’t destroy her. Because you can. You are the big part of her life, and you are everything she has, you can break her if you want but don’t.

She was broken once, and she doesn’t want to go through all that pain again. She is with you, and she beat her insecurity and all her fears. Because of you, she forgot her past, and she decided to give you all her love. She decided to give love another chance, don’t blow it up.

Please, don’t ever betray her. You don’t know her at all, and you hurt her every time when you said that you know everything. Just remember that she is not a book, you didn’t read her to the end. There is a lot of things that you are going to find about her. Go slowly.

Remember one thing, if she ever feels like you need her, but don’t want her, it will break her. You will destroy every piece of her. She needs your love every day, not just when you are lonely.

Don’t love her if you just want to change her, to fix her. By the time, she will fix herself all alone. There’s no need for hurry. Give her time. Neither God did not create the world for a day. Just be by her side and she will fix herself. I promise, she will.

Her past, her stories, she didn’t tell you about it because she wants you to fix her. All that stories she told you because she wants you to know all pain she has been through. Because of her past, she is like she is now. Don’t treat her like she is a broken woman. Just don’t. Be there for her. Tell her that you are there, that you are by her side.

If you love her, love her with all her flaws. She is not perfect, as well as you are not. What she wants is to be herself, she wants you to love her just the way she is. And if you are not ready to accept her what is she like, it will kill her. It will destroy her. And I’m begging you love all of her, her darkness, her madness, her secrets and her fairs. Love her completely. And love her with your whole heart. You are her favorite part of her. She deserves to be loved.

She will be trying as much as you are trying. If you show her a moon, she will show you the whole galaxy, if you treat her good, she will be there forever. If you love her like you never loved before, she will fell it. And you will have all of her. You will have her more than she has.

No matter what’s she has been through, she is capable to love. As long as you are by her side, she will be by yours too. Enjoy with her. Be her home, be her hero, be her everything. And she will be all yours. Forever. As long as she is alive. Love her with all your heart, please love her, and never destroy her.


“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” 

-Helen Keller