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To The Girl Who Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend

Written by Peggysue

Girl Who Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend

I don’t even know you. And probably I will never be close to you enough, but this is my way to tell you some things.

First of all, I don’t blame you. Maybe just a little bit, I blame him for everything that happened. He chose to cheat on me. And you just saw an opportunity to have some fun, free sex, and who knows what else he offered to you.

When I found out about you, I understood what was my ‘boyfriend’ doing while I was at work, out with friends or spending time with family. Probably he was with you. There is a chance that he could be with his friends. But I don’t really think that was what he was doing in his spare time.

I thought that our relationship was perfect, we had some bad times, like all of us, but I thought that everything was fine. How could I be so dumb?

I will never understand why he had a need to see you while we were together. Why he just didn’t dump me if he was going to cheat on me? Why did you accept that kind of ‘relationship’? And why did you choose to be the second woman? Or maybe I was second? So many questions, and no answers.

I just want to ask you how could you do it? You knew that he has a girlfriend. Did not you ever think of me? Did you ever wonder about my feelings? Or you just was thinking about your ass, and your pleasure, oh you, the girl who was sleeping with my boyfriend.

You left your clues all over him, but I was so naive, and I loved him. I did not even think that he was ready for cheating. I refused to believe. Because I would never cheat on him. It is probably the curse of those who love more. And I loved more, now I know.

I don’t forgive you because there is nothing to forgive. But I just want to tell you that I hope that karma will do her job. Karma will get you, so I will keep calm. Because karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.



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