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Five Reasons You Should Never Be the Second Woman

Written by Selma

More and more women spend the best years of their lives as a man’s second option. In the beginning, you can easily be blinded with passion and excitement, but what comes next is almost always a bitter disappointment. If you are thinking of involving yourself in such an affair, read the reasons why you should never be the second woman.

1. You deserve to be someone’s first choice
Every woman wants to feel special around her man. You can never feel special if you are the second option for someone who is your priority.

2. The hiding
Every time you want to go to a concert of your favorite band or just for a walk around the city, you cannot do it with your loved one. Although you may think that the forbidden fruit is the sweetest and the fact that you have to hide can seem exciting in the beginning, it will soon become exhausting and tiring.

3. The lies
This type of relationship comes hand in hand with constant lies. You may think your partner is the only one who will have to lie, but that is far from the truth. Before you know it, you will be trapped in your own lies that you will be telling your friends, family, and everyone around you. But, what is even more important, you will be lying to yourself. You will accept his lies that you will become his first choice soon and that everything will work out for the two of you.

4. The Guilt
Although you probably will not think of your partner’s wife or longtime girlfriend at the beginning, as the time passes by, you will be eaten by guilt. When the initial passion fades away, you will become aware of that woman and the pain she is feeling and that will haunt you.

5. The truth
Finally, after some time, you will realize that your partner will never fulfill his lies. The desire for true love and the need to be someone’s first choice will grow in you and so will the dissatisfaction with your relationship. You will realize that you are waiting for something that may never happen and that years are passing by. This moment of truth will be painful, but when it hits you, you will finally see the reality and hopefully be brave enough to end that toxic relationship.


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