Each month of the year is different and people who are born in it have unique characteristics. But, if you are born in October or know someone who is, you are definitely special or are friends with someone who is.


  1. They are charming and charismatic

People born in October are known to be charismatic and charming. They are popular and have a lot of friends. One of the reasons is their positive energy. It seems as if their personality is magnetic and it attracts people’s attention. They usually have strong self-confidence and are born to be leaders.


  1. They are romantic

People born in the fall, especially in October tend to believe in love and romance. Thanks to this characteristic, they are always surrounded by the opposite sex and the opposite sex usually finds them very attractive. They are desirable lovers and partners because they are not afraid to show how they feel. Nothing is impossible for them when it comes to the objects of their affection.


  1. They are always on the ground

But, although they are romantic, people born in October are in most cases emotionally stable and their head is rarely in the clouds. They have a calm temper and try to find a common ground with everyone around them. This is one of the many reasons why people like to be around them.


  1. They are hard-working

Most people born in October have a talent for business. When they put their hands on something, it turns into gold. They are hardworking and are everything but quitters. Those who born in October are known to be optimistic and that is what keeps them going. They are very focused on their goal and that almost always brings profit.


  1. They are artistically gifted

Most people born in October are true admirers of art and philosophy. Many have a hidden artistic talent. But, what is more important, they enjoy sharing their knowledge with those around them. They are born advisors and teachers.