What women love about men, and what they hate

What women love about men
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There are good and bad traits in everyone, but there are some traits that seem to fit men specifically. There are a lot of women who swear off men, and there’s a reason for it. Some of their attitudes stink, to be frank. Let’s be honest – we hear more horror stories about heartbreaker men than heartbreaker women. They both exist, but one is more common than the other. So what women love about men, and what do they avoid?

What women love about men:

  1. When they compliment your outfit
  2. When they cook dinner for you
  3. When they go the extra mile to make you happy
  4. When they surprise you with a gift
  5. When they watch films with you they don’t like
  6. When they text them even when they’re out with their friends
  7. When they are nice to your parents
  8. When they have deep conversations with you
  9. When they know you inside out
  10. When they fit into your routine
  11. When they make long distance relationships work
  12. When they have similar goals to you
  13. When they treat you as an equal
  14. When they help you back to sleep after a nightmare
  15. When they tell you that they love you randomly
  16. When they take on board what women love about men and use it to become a better person

What women hate about men:

  1. When they get far too cocky
  2. When they disrespect your opinions
  3. When they dismiss you casually
  4. When they don’t care about your achievements
  5. When they’re selfish in the bedroom
  6. When they take but never give
  7. When they don’t believe in feminist values
  8. When they point out your flaws
  9. When they make you feel small
  10. When they avoid talking about problems
  11. When they lie about where they’ve been and who with
  12. When they keep in touch with their ex
  13. When they flirt with other women and dismiss it as a joke
  14. When they complain about things you can’t control that are part of your natural self
  15. When they ignore you in favour of a video game
  16. When they assume what women love about men, and get it completely wrong…

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