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Why are the 20s the Best Years of Your Life

Written by Selma

Many women struggle through their 20s in most aspects of their lives, starting from their love life to career choices. This is the time when you will bring some of the most important decisions that will probably affect the rest of your life, but fear not! The 20s have many more advantages than you may think.

1. You have enough time
Every woman should use this life decade to find time for herself and the things she loves. You probably still don’t have kids, so use this time of your life for everything you have always wanted to do. Watch an entire season of your favourite TV show for one weekend, climb the top of that mountain you always wanted to or whatever makes you happy.

2. You have enough money

By this time, you are probably financially independent from your parents. Although you probably don’t have the amount of money you would like to have, don’t forget to treat yourself. Buy that expensive shoes you are checking out in the store for months. This is the only time of your life when you can do it without regret. But, still make sure you don’t spend more than you have. It would also be nice to try and save some money for the future.

3. Friends
This is the time when you make life- long friends. Avoid judgmental people and don’t be afraid to cut off the people who are not there for you when you need them. Of course, you need friends to party with, but be sure to have friends you can rely on and who can rely on you.

4. Love Life
These are the best years for your love life. You are old enough to know what you want from a man and have enough time to search for it. It is ok if you do not feel ready to find your soulmate just yet. But, if you by any chance do find the right guy, be wise enough to know that he is the one.

5. Career
This is the time when you should find your path. It is ok to search yourself through different career choices. Don’t be afraid to quit a job you don’t find satisfying. It is perfectly acceptable to switch between jobs until you find the one which fulfils you and is profitable at the same time.

6. Energy and Self- Confidence
And the most important thing of all you have the self- confidence that you need to do all of this things. You should learn to be brave enough to tell when something is not working for you. Another important lesson you will learn is not to depend on other people’s opinion. Besides, you are full of energy. Now is the only time when you can party all night and still be fresh for work in the morning. Use it!

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