Falling in love with a woman who is independent

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Every woman in the world has a goal of some sort, but falling in love with a woman who wants to be independent can be tricky. She’s driven, self-determining, and she only relies on herself. She can be a tricky woman to be in love with, because she’s set on going it alone. But every woman’s heart can be won when it comes to the right person. If you think that’s you, there are some things you can do to win her over

  1. Compliment her achievements

Her achievements are so important to her. Falling in love with a woman who is independent means she doesn’t need your praise, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it. Tell her how well she’s doing, and compliment each goal she’s reached. She will love the support, and know that you care about the same things she does. That’s vital to her – she wants someone who can keep up with her.

  1. Support her dreams

This girl aims high, and she usually hits high. Sometimes, though, pressure can get to her and she’ll struggle to reach something that seems too out of her grasp. Support her and let her know that you’re falling in love with a woman who can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it. She’ll see in this that you not only support her, but you care, and that investing in a relationship with you could be a good idea.

  1. Always be her biggest fan

Be her cheerleader. Make sure that no matter what she’s doing, you’re stood there on the side lines cheering her on. Every achievement, big or small, should matter to you, and it’ll make such a difference when it comes to her feelings towards you. The great thing about an independent woman is that she understands that it’s not always easy to reach the top, so she’ll be right there supporting you too.

  1. Remind her that she doesn’t always have to go it alone

Sometimes, things have to be a team effort for them to work. Let her know that you respect her just as much when she needs someone to lean on every now and then. Always be her team mate, with a shoulder to lean on whenever she needs it. She’ll be grateful knowing that you’re her partner in crime whenever she chooses to call upon you – but of course, mostly she’d rather do it alone. It doesn’t mean there’s no space for you in her life, but sometimes she has some solo missions to complete.

  1. Celebrate her alone as well as in a team

She may be part of a team effort sometimes, but let her know you recognise her individual strengths. She brought something special to the table as she always does, and she wants recognition for what she did. Let her know how proud you are of her, even when she didn’t do something alone.

  1. Falling in love with a woman who is independent – sometimes, you have to let her go her own way

Opportunities seem to fall at her feet all the time. She’s never going to come to a stand still. You have to be prepared for a woman who is constantly on the move. Let her know that she still has the space to do the things she wants and needs to do. Let her take that job abroad for a few months, and make it clear that you’re happy to wait for her while she’s away, because you know women like her are few and far between.

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