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Our Kind Of Love Is Not Going To Happen Ever Again

Written by Peggysue

Our kind of love was something special

After all this time I still think about him. We are no longer together but very often I see him in front of me. Sometimes I have a feeling like I’m going crazy. Because all I see is him, all I feel is for him. He is still deep inside me.

We are no longer together, but he is still the favorite part of me. I know that we are not together anymore, but I miss him, I miss him so badly, so bad that hurts. Most days I miss his kisses and hugs, but mostly I miss who I was when I was with him, I miss that happiness.
What we had, that kind of love is not going to happen ever again. I know it.
First time in my life I fell for someone that way. I fell in love with him really, really hard.
He was the most beautiful man that I have ever seen, but I didn’t fall just for the way he was looking. Of cour, e I liked his beautiful blue eyes, and his perfect hands. But I also fall in love with his soul, fairs, secrets. I fall in love with all his darkness, and madness.

He never asked me to changed but to be honest, he changed me. When we were together I loved myself, and I was happy like never before. All because of him. He made me feel that way. And no matter we are no longer together, I still feel him, he is still in my heart.

He is stil favorite part of me.
And no matter that our love didn’t succeed I hope that he will find a good girl, who will love him, and who will take care of him. He deserves to be happy, he deserves everything. And I hope he will find his happiness.
After all I just want to not be forgoten. I want him to think about me sometimes, not very often, but sometimes. And in that moment I want a smile on his face, smile for us, for me. Smile for our love. And all we had.

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