Something about you made my heart skip a bit.

I was convinced that you are the one, that we are going to be together for the rest of the life. But how time passed, I found that you are someone who got lots of baggage. I found that you are not ready for love,  I found that you are not able to love someone.  And that killed me.

I was ready to help you, and I thought I can be the girl you change for. And I wasn’t careless with my heart, but I really thought that you would change for me.

At least, I tried, and I can’t be blamed for thinking I could change you. You were so different when you were with me, I felt that our thing was something special. I know that you had the same feeling. And I know that you were hoping that I will change you, that we will succeed.

Also, I know that you thought that I’m the girl who will make you want to commit to love.

You may have loved me, but you weren’t ready to be with someone, to be with me for the long run. And I couldn’t stop, I was listening to my heart, I was trying and trying. Because I’m a woman with compassion and forgiveness. I fought hard because I could have seen myself with you for a long time. Maybe forever.

And then, you started playing with me. You saw that I can’t change you. And instead of being honest with me about everything, you chose to broke my heart.

I was just a girl in love with a guy I thought could change.

But you didn’t want to be changed. I was risking my heart being ripped to pieces because I believed you were worth it.

But in the end, you showed me that you can’t be changed and that you don’t want to be changed. But no matter what, I hope that one day you will be able to love. I hope that you will find a girl who will change you, and make you happy.