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16 Signs That Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

Written by Peggysue

There is nothing more heartbreaking than feeling unwanted and ignored

But when we are blindly in love, sometimes we can’t see what is happening in our relationship. We spent a long time with our partners, and we are convinced that everything is perfect but somewhere deep, something doesn’t work. Maybe you became distant, and there is no love, no lust.
Here are some signs that your man is losing interest in you, read carefully. Maybe you are losing him slowly, but you don’t know it.


  1. He stops calling
  2. Your partner stop paying attention
  3. He makes excuses
  4. Your man doesn’t ask you as many questions
  5. He avoids making plans
  6. Your partner doesn’t make time for you
  7. You partner ignores you and sometimes even shows contempt
  8. He just doesn’t light up anymore
  9. He’d rather hang out with his guy friends
  10. Your partner seems super annoyed
  11. He picks fights
  12. No sex
  13. The relationship stagnates
  14. Things have gotten awkward
  15. You don’t feel supported
  16. You don’t feel like a priority


If you find yourself in these signs just don’t get hung up on men that aren’t interested in you. Every minute of time you waste on a man, trying to make him like you, could be a time you spend on things that make you happy. Get away from him, meet someone new.

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