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5 Stages a Man Goes Through When He Finally Finds the Right Woman

Written by Chloe M.

Most of the men who do not plan anything serious with numerous women in their lives, find the right one when they least expect it. In the beginning, they are usually unaware of the fact they found the right woman, but gradually, this woman manages to change them and their life perspective.


    Through the process of accepting these changes, men usually go through several phases.

    1. Denial

    When a man feels he is falling in love, the first phase is always denying that this is happening to him. Men who are not used to having serious relationships are not willing to accept that a special woman entered their lives. They are usually trying to tell themselves this is just one of their casual affairs. This is so because they are not willing to admit they are becoming fragile and do not want to open up to someone.

    1. Respect

    In this stage, the men are starting to realize that this woman makes them feel different than any other woman before. For the first time, this man feels respected and feels the need to give respect back to the other side. He feels this woman is worthy of his time, effort, respect and love. Like never before, he appreciates what he has and does not want to lose it.

    1. Trust

    In most relationships, respect is followed by trust. Most men tend to keep their emotional past to themselves. But, when a man becomes seriously interested in a woman, he gets the urge to share everything important from his life and past with her. When a man feels a woman is the right one for him, he is not afraid of opening up to her.

    1. Am I ready for this?”

    Although everything feels right, most men start questioning themselves and their relationships. They are not sure if they are ready for a committed relationship, not being aware they are already in one. They are scared they are not good enough for this and in the same time are afraid they will end up getting hurt because they feel they opened up too much. This is a phase when most men try to bail out, but eventually, conclude this woman is too precious to them and the fear of losing her outgrows their fear of being hurt.

    1. Acceptance

    This is the phase in which most men realize this extraordinary woman is one in a million. This man finally realizes she is the best thing that could ever happen to him. He accepts he is now a new, changed person and is done playing games. This woman is now a part of him and he cannot imagine his life without her. This means he finally finds the right woman. The King has found his Queen.

    5 Stages a Man Goes Through When He Finally Finds the Right Woman

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