You are not supposed to stand by someone who is not making you happy, and someone who you make you feel miserable.

If your partner is doing some of these things you should leave him, for your own good.


1.Your partner is violent

Even if he never hit you, violence is always violence. And if your man is violent probably he will always be. You can’t wait a moment when he will slap you, or something like that. For your own good is to get away


2. Your partner is a cheater

Probably you know many couples who have gone through this, but even if you forgive a cheat, no one can tell you that he’s not going to cheat on you again.

To be honest, there is not everything about cheating. He just doesn’t respect you. Is it possible to restore lost trust? I don’t think so. You deserve someone who will never think about cheating. Someone who will be happy to have you on their side.


3. Gambling and alcohol addiction

You don’t need someone in your life who has problems with gambling or alcohol. There’s no need for unnecessary stress.


4. Manipulation

If your partner is trying in every possible way to change you, he is actually manipulating with you and your emotions. You don’t have to change for anybody. Always be what you are. And someone will love you just the way you are.


5. Lying

You don’t need someone who is not honest with you. Someone who is constantly lying, and then find some poor excuse. You are better than that.