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We Have Only Three Loves In Our Life

Written by Peggysue

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”

– The Notebook

When it’s about love, most of the people fall in love only three times. We feel the love with just three persons, so here is more about that three kinds of love.

First Love

Usually, we fall in love for the first time when we are young, when we are teenagers. Actually, while we’re in high school, or a little bit earlier. That kind of love is actually idealized. Our love is equal to fairy tales. He is our prince, and we are his princesses.

We have a feeling that love will last forever. That our partner is the one, one who is perfect for us. We imagine about marriage, kids, big house and lot of puppies.

Also, we are excited about the first kiss, actually about first everything. We believe that we will spend a rest of life with them.


Second Love

The second love should be the tough one. The love which is really, really painful. This love hurt us so bad, that we feel lost, and alone.

Usually, our partner is one big manipulator. He is controlling us, or maybe we are just in a relationship with a narcissistic person.

Love like this gives us many lessons, and teach us what love doesn’t look like. While we are going through all pain maybe we are not really grateful. But we should now that after this kind of love comes the real one, the one which is never going to hurt us.


 Third Love

When it’s about third love, she comes when we are not excepting. This love is coming to make us to believe in love again, to learn us what real love looks like. Our partner will be our soulmate, he will be the one who will stay beside us forever.

The pain we have been through before is worth because after all that mess something real is coming. And it will be wonderful, you just need to believe.


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