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I Should Have Left You Before

i should have left you before
Written by Peggysue

I gave you everything and you threw it all away.

And I wasn’t asking you for much, I just wanted someone who will be on my side no matter what. I was amazing, I know I was, and you should have given me as much love as I have given to you. But obviously, that was too much for you. You weren’t capable to love me the way I loved you.

To be honest, I loved you more than you could ever imagine, and I excepted more. Because I was giving my best to make you happy.

And I didn’t deserve to worry about not hearing anything from you for hours. I deserved to know why you were ignoring me, why you were ignoring my texts. I deserved to know why you were always busy when we had to go out.

I’m done having to wonder why we didn’t make it work.

Did I do something wrong? I am just done, you are not worth it.

All girls like me deserve better, unfortunately, I figured that too late. All time I was in your shadow, and I was there waiting for your love, but you never give it to me.

Never, ever, I’m going to be someone’s the second choice, especially to you. You knew what you were doing to me, and you were enjoying watching me suffer. All things were more important than me.

You didn’t see that I was the perfect girlfriend. I was thoughtful, I put you in the first place and I opened my heart to you. All I ever wanted is to make you happy.
Living on my own was hard, just because I loved you so much.
After all, I only regret why I didn’t leave you before, because all I got from you was sadness and pain. Nothing else.

One day I will find a man who will be there for me, who will understand me, and the most important, who will love me as much as I love him.

I should have left you before.

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