I deserve better

You never loved me. Because if you did, you would never cheat on me. And I finally understand that nothing wasn’t my fault. It was all your fault, not mine.

I’m good enough, I’m perfect. You are the asshole. And I’m better than you. I am still able to love, to feel love, and to give love.

It doesn’t matter if you just kiss her on the cheek, it’s still cheating. It’s unforgivable.

You broke all trust I gave you, all that trust I worked so hard to garner and give. I have to say goodbye, because you took every dream, every wish, and smashed it. You weren’t the one, because the one, the real love, my soulmate, is never going to hurt me in any way. The one will be there for me always, and he is going to love just the way I’m.

For you was normal to went and meet your ex for lunch, and talk with her about everything. But that wasn’t normal. You can’t go out with your ex while you have a girlfriend. You can’t kiss her, or hug her. No, you can’t.

I deserve someone who will put me in the first place. Someone whose number one priority will be me.

For you, I wasn’t, and will never be. You are one big asshole. Cheating is always a choice, it can’t happen accidentally. You chose to drag her to your bad. She didn’t accidentally end up in your sheets.

You were seeing her for months and lied to me every time when you came home late. She was in that bed, where I was lying. She was using my damn hairbrush, and who knows what else. I hate for that, and I will hate you forever.

And I will never forget it, or forgive you. You knew what you were doing, there is no excuse.

Goodbye, you fuckin’ cheater, there is no place in my life for you.