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Every Fiber Of My Being Belongs To You

he's really into you
Written by Peggysue

There is no doubt that you the greatest person who has ever come into my life.

You are like a drug for me. And I always want to be an addict on you. I can’t imagine my life without you. Everything is better while you are on my side, while you are beside me. The sun shines stronger, the sky is bluer, and the rain does not seem to exist. All because of you.

Every fiber of my being belongs to you, you have me completely. And I know that all of you love all of me, you love me like I love you.

You know all my deepest secrets, and you still love me. And you are not afraid of my past because you are concentrated on our future.

I love your flaws, and you love mine too. Sometimes it looks like we are enjoying in these little flaws, and that fascinating.

Our relationship is just easy, there’s no drama. And I love it very much because there’s no stress. Everything runs smoothly.

Sometimes even a look is enough to communicate with you, because I know you, and you know me so intimately.

When I’m with you it feels like I’m in the most protected environment. I have a safe space in you, you are my home, I can be myself, there’s no need for pretending.

And I love the way how we want the same things in the life, and we are willing to make compromises for the sake of our relationship.

There’s no doubt that you are my soulmate, because only you understand all my weirdness, and you still love me.

You believe that I have the power to accomplish more than I may believe in myself. Also, you challenge me to do more, to try hard, to succeed.


You are my best friend, my love, my soulmate and my everything. You complete my life in every way. And forever I’m going to be addicted to you, and you will be my drug.

Without you, life wouldn’t have sense. Because you are my life.

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