Life is busy, and it’s hard to know sometimes how to prioritise your time. When your friends call and ask to hang out, you can’t make time for every single appointment. But there’s always one person you’d drop everything for – your best friend. If you don’t know who that person is, it’s because you haven’t figured out who it is yet, so you may need a new friendship to help fill the space. Best friends are like soul mates – they think the same, do the same and generally are the same. They’re harder to find than a real soul mate, but when you do, it’s completely worth it. Here are our tips on how to find a best friend on the same track as you.

Find a best friend with the same sense of humour.

What is a best friend for if not to make you laugh? Friends that make people want to laugh until they cry are the best. Meet someone who finds the same jokes funny, or who loves puns as much as you do. You’re looking for a friendship where someone who won’t pity laugh at the things you say. Find new friends who aren’t afraid to snort with laughter in front of you because, chances are, you’ll be joining them. Find a best friend who knows that laughter is the best medicine, and is quite happy to laugh the night away. Those types of friendships just bring out the best in people and make your social life better.

Find a best friend who is always there for you.

A best friend needs to have more than one level. They can’t just be fun to hang out with. You’re looking for a friendship where you want to help each other out. They have to be someone who will be a shoulder to cry on, and pick you up when you’re down. They need to be the one that comforts you through a difficult break up, and will eat ice cream with you even when they’re on a diet. They need to be someone you trust enough to let them pick you up when you fall down. They don’t just look for new friendships when the going gets hard – they want to help people because they’re a good person, and you’re lucky to have them to make you feel better.

Find a best friend who has similar goals to you.

Whether it’s new fitness goals, or makeup goals, or career goals, find a best friend who has similar priorities to you. It can be hard to know how to find a best friend who sees exactly how you do, but it’ll be worth looking for it when you find them. She will be driven, focussed and, most importantly, supportive. She’ll know what you’re going through to get to your goals, and she’ll insist that you pull through together. If you have new social goals, she will make you feel included and help you meet new friends in her circles. If you want to go looking for your true self, she’ll add going travelling with you to her bucket list. That’s the way to ace friendships, new or old.

Find a best friend who you trust with anything.

There are some things too embarrassing to share with any old chum. Your best pal is the only one you can go to when you’ve got a weird spot on your skin, or when you’ve had a risky pregnancy scare. A best friend will hold your hand through it all, and you can rest easy knowing your secrets are safe with her. You don’t need to add that she shouldn’t tell anyone, because she’s true to her word, and she wouldn’t risk hurting you. She might be a gossip, but never when it comes to you. Your happiness is important to her, and she’d never do anything to betray your trust.

Find a best friend who you make plans with.

This can be anything from going to the pub, to going on a holiday or travelling, to organising the future. You’ll talk about the days when you’re old with grand kids, living in the same retirement home and learning to knit together. You’re joined at the hip, and you plan to stay that way. Your future partners will envy how close you are, but nothing can replace what two best friends share together – especially not when it comes to the pair of you. When you meet this girl, your new friendship will last a lifetime and make you feel better about your life as a whole.

How to find a best friend on your level: look no further

Sometimes your best friend is right under your nose, and you don’t even realise it. Look carefully and you’ll see she’s been there all along, and you haven’t been appreciating her. She could be an old friend, or a new one who has made the time and effort to make you an important part of her life. Make sure to make the time and energy for her. Even when life is tough, making time for her is a must. Don’t let her slip away, because you won’t find a friend as good as her anywhere else. With your best gal pal by your side, you’re unstoppable, and this girl isn’t going anywhere for as long as you appreciate her.