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Fall In Love With Me, Don’t Fall In Love With My Body

Written by Peggysue

Fall in love with me

We live in a time where the most of the loves are like appearance loves. Nobody falls in love with the soul and true about one person. We fall in love with six packs, boobs, long legs and other things that we can see outside one person.

The need for knowing someone has faded away. Nobody’s interested in your hobbies, favorite books or the music you like. You just have to be tanned, have a long hair, long nails so they can brag around about the girl they found and be like she’s my ‘doll’.

I want everyone to know that I don’t want to fall in love with your pretty face or nice body if you’re gonna cheat on me. I don’t want to have all the money in the world if I don’t love you. Nobody wants that.

The money will be spent, beauty will fade as time passes. And what will you have then? Nothing.

Also, I don’t want you to fall in love with my appearance, my hot body or nice eyes. Fall in love with my soul. Share interests with me. Listen to music and watch my favorite series all night long with me.

That is something that counts.

As we grow older, we see some things we didn’t see before. And there are much more things that are more important than being pretty and hot.

The reason why we can’t find our soul mate or someone we can last with, is probably because of the fact we don’t search for the right things. We will never find someone that we want if we keep looking for the wrong.

My future love, boyfriend, husband, I want you to know that everything we appreciate right now and what are we looking for will fade away, but the love we make grow every day more and more by sharing interests and spending quality time together will last forever. Even when one of us is gone.

Sincerely, the special one.

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