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As Long As I Am Alive, You Will Be Living Inside My Heart

Written by Peggysue

I’m trying so hard to unlove you. After many years, you are still on my mind, in my heart. It’s like you on the purpose don’t want to leave me alone. I tried all the things to get you out of my heart. But every time I failed. I don’t know how to stop loving you.

You don’t know how my lips hurt when I’m kissing somebody else like it’s you. You don’t know how my days and nights look without you. My life is hell without you, but you don’t know.

I tried everything, and I lied to myself all this time. For everyone else I’m good, I’m fine. But I only know how my life is going. How my life is miserable without you.

I tried with so many other guys to find that thing which I had with you. But no one is you. Not even close.

You don’t know baby, that sky is blue for everyone, except me. For me, it’s black, completely black.

I would give anything in this damn world, just to hug you.

But for a long time, you’re not beside me, you don’t kiss me, you don’t hug me.

You are not doing anything.

But damn, I’m still doing everything for you. I breathe for you, I live for you.

I love you like never before. All my scars are still yours, all of me belongs to you.

And it will be forever. Because no matter how hard I’m trying to unlove you, to kick you out of my life, I can’t. There is no way.

And you will be with me for the rest of my life. You will be here forever. As long as I am alive, you will be living inside my heart.


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