You are my reason to live, and reason to love my life.

Without you, everything would be different. With you, I can truly be myself. You make me beautiful and comfortable in my own skin and you made me forget all of my self-doubts.

I love days when you spontaneously send me a letter or sweet text, for no other reason than to make me smile. You know how much it means to me, and you just want to make me happy.

You have the power to fix my day.

And you are ready to do anything to make me smile or brighten my day. Even if it means temporarily putting aside your problems.

I adore the way you are listening to me, and how you truly pay attention. Like when you surprised me with that bracelet I saw in that store window.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or the time of day, you always find a way to be there to dry my tears and hold me until everything is better. And you have a habit to show up at my door in the middle of a fight just to make sure I’m okay. Nobody would do that for me except you.

You are the one would never let me go to sleep while I’m upset or hurt because of you. And you just can’t bear the thought of me in pain.

You are always beside me.

And you just intuitively know what I need and you just do it without hesitation.

My love, you care enough to take the time to plan out even the smallest details and make sure everything is taken care of.

In my weakest moments, you are always patient with me. You understand my past and accept my flaws even when I don’t.

I can talk to you about absolutely anything.

And you make me laugh so hard, I can be goofy with you.

But also you know when I am not in the joking mood, and you know when you need to be a man and sit and talk like a grown up.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I found this kind of love. And I hope you know how lucky I’m, and how grateful I am.

I will love you forever, and I will be by your side.