I was raised in a dysfunctional household.

And I’ve had to face so many bad times. Learning how to protect myself with strong emotional boundaries is the hardest thing I will ever do. But that was important to make my life healthier and more positive. And it isn’t over yet.

If you come from a toxic family you need to rebuild your life and if you have already taken that step, congratulations.  I know it will be difficult. But you have to do that.

You carry on your shoulders damage your toxic family has done to you. It projects the form of mental and emotional health issues.

But I don’t say that everybody who was raised in a toxic family ends up suffering from emotional problems. But these problems are typically caused by internalizing or externalizing the conflicts experienced during childhood.

You may have tried to suppress a lot of anger or resentment, even sadness. But remember, you’re not alone.

These common problems are the same to all of us who come from a toxic family.

1. Communication is difficult.

Letting others get close to you is nearly impossible. No matter it’s physical, like a hug, or emotional, like a relationship. It isn’t that you don’t want connection, but you are just scared to trust someone. You just don’t want to get hurt.

We grew up fast, but we never learned how to talk about our problems. We are unable to form healthy relationships. Because we were hiding away from our friends while we were kids and were afraid of showing the world that resided at our home.

Now we deny our feelings and needs. We don’t know what love means and we don’t know how it’s supposed to feel. We aren’t used to that kind of feelings.

2. Anxiety

As we grew up in a toxic environment we tend to experience anxiety in an extremely different way. 

A lot of us weren’t allowed to hang out with friends or go to social events. We weren’t able to experience things normal children should. And that contributed to our anxiety at a young age.

We feel helpless and fearful.

3. Because of narcissist abuse, we don’t know what’s real.

We were punished for something we never did. And our family warped our reality and distorted our views on what is and was real. This is why we don’t trust our emotions and thoughts.


It is very difficult to handle all of this. But we can do something to make our lives better. We can take control of our lives.

We just have to recognize all the ways that we are hurt. And allow ourselves to start the healing process.

Things do get better though.